740.00119 EW/12–149: Telegram

The United States High Commissioner for Germany ( McCloy ) to the Secretary of State


54. Adenauer today requested Allied Commission to forward to IAR application for membership of Federal Republic in IAR. Text of letter follows:

“My dear High Commissioner:

With reference to point two of the agreements at the Petersberg of 22 November 1949,1 have the honor of applying for membership of the Federal Republic in the International Authority of the Ruhr. I would be grateful if this application would be transmitted to the International Authority of the Ruhr and to the participating governments in the International Authority of the Ruhr.

Permit me, my dear High Commissioner, the expression of my highest esteem. Signed—Dr. Adenauer.”

HICOM met with Chairman (Parkman, US) and Secretary General (Kaeckenbeeck) to discuss procedure for Federal Republic participation. Discussion centered on Article 9(c) and Article 31, these articles being those concerned with Federal Republic assumption of responsibilities under Ruhr agreement by accession or by other means.

HICOM informed IAR representatives that High Commissioner would meet with Adenauer on 8 December and would discuss procedure for Federal Republic membership with him. In meantime, Adenauer had been informed that IAR had been given his application. After full discussion, HICOM agreed to request instructions from their governments as to whether assumption of responsibilities of Federal Republic under Article 9(c) or Article 31 was desired. Kaeckenbeeck suggested IAR draw up two alternate texts to be signed by Federal Republic, one under Article 31 and the other under Article 9, to be given to HICOM before its meeting with Adenauer on 8 December. It was finally decided that each High Commissioner would contact his government and seek instructions before Adenauer’s letter is forwarded to signatory governments.

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I feel, and it was generally agreed, that we should proceed under Article 9(c), requiring Federal Republic to give clear and unequivocal statement of assumption of responsibilities under Ruhr Agreement. This procedure limits determination of acceptability of Federal Republic adherence to occupying powers, rather than full panel of signatories.

Parkman agrees we should proceed under provisions of paragraph 9 (c) and we will take this position unless you inform us otherwise. Would appreciate promptly any suggested wording you may wish include in Federal Republic assumption of responsibilities.

Sent Department 54, repeated London 26, Paris 23, Frankfort 56.

  1. For the text of the Petersberg Protocol and related documentation, see pp. 343 ff.