862.00/10–2849: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Office of the United States High Commissioner for Germany, at Frankfurt


2373.1 Dept appreciates that Adenauer’s proposal to make formal application for membership in Council of Eur before Nov 3 Paris mtg will force Fr hand this issue [as] well as Saar membership issue. Dept’s view, question Ger’s admission to Council of Eur is touchstone of Fr [Page 490] and Brit willingness to live up to Wash Agreements April 28 [8].2 Point 7 of memo then agreed was “It is a major objective of the three Allied govts to encourage and facilitate the closest integration on a mutually beneficial basis of the Ger people under a democratic federal state within the framework of a European assoc.” US Govt believes as firmly as ever in validity that objective. Dept feels that subsequent events such as creation East Ger Govt3 and intensification of Sov appeals to Ger nationalism have quickened the pace. Rapid Ger integration in Eur community appeals to Dept as more than ever prime and urgent necessity of the moment.

Dept accordingly favors Ger admission to Council of Eur at earliest possible moment and favors Adenauer’s proposal to make application before Nov mtg. This issue shld not continue to be postponed and avoided. US has entirely legitimate interest as occupying power. Nevertheless, from side of Council itself, initiative and leadership must come from Brit and Fr, primarily latter because Dept believes only France can effectively take lead in working for Franco-Ger collaboration within an integrated Eur community. US has avoided and will continue to avoid bringing pressure to bear on Council of Eur of which we are not member. Dept quite prepared, however, express in Ger as occupying power its firm belief in wisdom and necessity earliest Ger admission to Council of Eur.

Info at Dept’s disposal indicates Brit are favorably inclined and Fr continue to be skittish. Embs Paris and London shld report promptly their best judgment as to prospects Ger’s admission Council if application made.

Dept continues oppose admission Saar to Council Eur prior to or simultaneous with Ger admission. Such action wld not only affect polit status Saar without our consent but wld seriously prejudice Ger public opinion against Council.

You are authorized to act on basis these views but in expressing US standpoint care shld be taken to avoid putting it in such a way as to drive Fr off from taking the action in Council of Eur which we hope they will take. Shld be made clear to Fr that our interest in this matter springs from no misguided solicitude for Ger’s position but rather from deep conviction that future Eur security depends upon successful polit incorporation of Ger into Eur Community.

Paris and London may communicate Dept’s views to Brit and Fr FonOffs.

  1. Repeated to Paris as 4101, London as 3870, Brussels as 1260, The Hague as 951 and Rome as 2695.
  2. For the texts of the Washington Agreements on Germany, see pp. 177 ff.
  3. For documentation relating to the formation of the East German Government, see pp. 505 ff.