740.00119 Control (Germany)/9–1449: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States High Commissioner for Germany (McCloy), at Frankfurt

top secret

1684. Re Berlin’s 1361, Sept 14.1 Dept much concerned over situation West sector railroad workers and wld support any further action on part West sector Commandants which gives promise of influencing Sov Auths toward fulfilling agreement but which at same time runs minimum risk of causing additional complications or stoppages. Dept believes final recommendation as to course of action must come from Commandants, but offers fol suggestions for consideration:

Additional pressure may be exerted on Sovs because of their apparent desire to continue quadripartite talks. It might be made clear at next quadripartite Commandants’ mtg that as far as we are concerned additional progress in normalizing situation in Berlin may be very dependent on degree to which unsatisfactory Reichsbahn situation is rapidly bettered. Additionally, if Chuikov displays any real desire to McCloy for informal quadripartite talks on Berlin, trade, currency, etc., McCloy cld indicate that before any such talks wld have prospect of success we wld desire to discuss and clear up Reichsbahn problem.
Renewed consideration might be given to plan discussed at various times in past to confiscate all Reichsbahn property in West sectors and transfer title of same to Magistrat. As former Reich property, this property is legally subj to such seizure and shld eventually be so seized and transferred to Magistrat as legitimate successor Govt in Berlin. Since it includes much property not of railroad nature, it might be important source of West Mark revenue to Magistrat. Possibly some [Page 391] proceeds cld be used to maintain West Mark payments of, railroad workers.
In East-West trade discussions it shld be stated at some appropriate moment that we are interested in expanding such trade but that our efforts in this matter will of course be conditioned by Sov performance on some of its commitments—specifically payment West Marks to Reichsbahn employees.
Dept wary of suggestion to enter West sectors stations and seize West Mark intake. This impresses Dept as provocative step which might lead to new tense situation.
Dept not favorably impressed by numbered suggestions 1 and 3 of reftel because these solutions appear to penalize either railroad workers or Magistrat or both.
Dept wld like to have any recommendation by Commandants which involves the seizure of stations cleared here before adoption.

  1. Not printed; it reported on the thirty-second meeting of the Allied (Western) Kommandatura on September 13, at which inter alia the problem of the railroad workers had been discussed. (740.00119 Control (Germany)/9–1449)