740.00119 Control (Germany)/6–2549: Telegram

The Acting United States Political Adviser for Germany (Riddleberger) to the Secretary of State


1012. Re mytel 986, June 22.1 Although no reply has to date been received from Chuikov re quadripartite meeting proposed for June 28,2 three Western deputy military governors met today and decided upon following course of action when meeting takes place:

Following was agreed re machinery of quadripartite consultations in Berlin.
There should be no formal committees or councils. There would be meeting of four deputies on Tuesday, 28 June provided Soviet [Page 362] agreed. Thereafter four deputies would again meet at request of any one of them. There would be no established frequency of meetings.

At first meeting we should agree to the problems being remitted for discussion to not more than three groups of experts, i.e., economic experts, Berlin experts and if necessary political experts.

The economic experts should comprise the four economic advisers with power to include in their discussions financial, transport or other experts as required.

The Berlin experts would be the four commandants.

The political experts would be the four political advisers.

Terms of reference of
Economic experts would be paragraphs (A) and (B) of Paris agreement (except as regards movement of persons).3
Berlin experts would be paragraph (C) of Paris agreement.
Political experts. Any matters of a political nature specifically referred to them either by the four deputies or by one of the other groups of experts.
Chairmanship will be in rotation, changing after each meeting. Chairman of first meeting to be chosen by ballot, sequence being also fixed by ballot.
Meetings will be for consultation only. There will be no voting procedure and no agreed minutes. Each power will produce its own minutes.
There will be no quadripartite secretariat. Each power will produce its own secretaries and interpreters for meetings.
Initial meeting will take place in ACA building. Later meetings can be held there or anywhere else by mutual agreement.

Sent Department 1012; repeated London 329, Paris 443.

  1. Not printed; it reported the dispatch of a letter to General Chuikov suggesting a meeting of the Deputy Military Governors on June 28 to begin quadripartite consultations pursuant to the decision of the Council of Foreign Ministers. (740.00119 Council/6–2249)
  2. In telegram 1022, June 28, from Berlin, not printed, Riddleberger reported that Chuikov had agreed to a meeting of the four Deputy Military Governors on that day. (740.00119 Control (Germany)/6–2849)
  3. For the text of the Council of Foreign Ministers’ communiqué, see p. 1062.