501.BB Korea/2–1348: Telegram

The Political Adviser in Korea ( Jacobs ) to the Secretary of State


84. Cite Zpol 181. With reference to report contained in Seoul PolAd 76, February 11th1 of agreement between Kim Koo, Kimm Kiusic and Syngman Rhee, it is now confirmed that these three leaders have all agreed, and so advised UN Commission, that all three sincerely desire that UN supervise election for all Korea and with that in mind, all three will not press for immediate elections in South Korea until they themselves (not UN Commission) have made effort contact northern leaders with view to arranging meeting for purpose of devising plans for such an all-Korea election.

It is understood, however, that Rhee has only given his consent to this arrangement on understanding that if Interim Committee directs temporary commission proceed with elections in South Korea, [Page 1110] there will be no delay in making arrangements for such elections notwithstanding that efforts of three leaders to contact North Korean leaders may not have been completed.

  1. Not printed.