800.00 Summaries/7–648: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Offices 1

top secret

TopSec infotel. Chargé Belgrade reports that during arranged conversation with Yugo official who apparently came to meeting well briefed and with blessing of top Yugo auths he was asked specifically what attitude Yugo could expect from US in future. Official stated that Yugos unable to understand why our attitude had not softened during past six aware of USSR. He insisted that US press and radio should be careful not to offer glowing promises of future aid to Yugo nor should there be violent attacks on Tito [Page 1085] or present regime, since either course of action, he said, would make most difficult steps which Communist party in Yugo hoped to be able to take. He maintained that Yugo would continue firmly on its present course and that its policy would be fully supported in forthcoming Communist Congress in Belgrade and by people as a whole. When our Chargé commented that he assumed Yugo in any event would not participate directly in ERP, official interrupted to ask why it should not, and Chargé replied that he assumed Yugo did not wish to do so. Official also stated that Yugo was extremely anxious to liquidate Greek situation as soon as possible since Greek refugees placed intolerable burden on Yugo economy. He added that he felt quite certain USSR was not now particularly interested in Greece. When our Chargé remarked that Greek situation could easily be liquidated if Yugo aid were discontinued, official insisted that there would be no Yugo aid.

  1. This telegram was sent to Athens, Berlin, Bucharest, Budapest, London, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Sofia, Vienna, and Warsaw.