Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, by Mr. Frederick T. Merrill of the Division of Southern European Affairs


On instructions from his Government, Mr. MacLean1 called to inform the State Department of the Foreign Office’s instructions to its Chargé in Belgrade should overtures now be made by the Yugoslavs for economic assistance, etc. (See London’s 2946 July 2).2 The Foreign Office believes all such approaches by the Yugoslavs should be viewed with suspicion and it endorses the Embassy’s view that there is no reason yet to change UK policy toward Yugoslavia.

The British Chargé is being instructed, if overtures are made:

to express willingness to listen and to refer the substance of any Yugoslav approaches to London;
to state that he has no specific instructions and can offer no personal opinions;
to add that the reactions of HMG will undoubtedly be conditioned by deeds and not professions.

Frederick T. Merrill
  1. Donald D. Maclean, First Secretary in the British Embassy.
  2. Not printed.