740.00119 Control (Germany)/11–2648

The British Permanent Under-Secretary of State for the German Section (Strang) to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Douglas)1


You will recall that during the meeting between Mr. Marshall, M. Schuman and Mr. McNeil in Paris on 19 November2 the Minister of State made the suggestion that you, M. Massigli, and I should call for a progress report from the Military Governors on their discussions relating to the establishment of the Military Security Board for Germany, for which provision is made in Annex L of the report on the London talks on Germany dated 1 June 1948.3

The British Military Governor in Germany has been informed accordingly and, unless they see objections, the US Government may [Page 666] wish to arrange that instructions be sent to the US Military Governor requesting him to associate himself with General Robertson in the preparation of a joint report on the discussions on the Military Security Board, following the meeting of the Military Governors on 30 November.4

I am writing in similar terms to the French Ambassador.

  1. The source text was transmitted to Ambassador Douglas, who was visiting briefly in Paris, in telegram 934, November 26, from the Chargé in London to Paris, repeated to the Department of State as telegram 5015.
  2. For the minutes of the meeting under reference here, see p. 517.
  3. Regarding the documents under reference here, see the editorial note, supra.
  4. Telegram 6077, November 29, from Paris, not printed, reported that the French Government had instructed General Koenig to make a request at the next meeting of the American, British and French Military Governors for a prompt report from the working party on security (740.00119 Control (Germany)/11–2948). Telegram 1880, November 29, to Berlin, not printed, stated that the Department of the Army was requesting General Clay to associate himself with the other Military Governors in the preparation of a report by the working party on security (740.00119 Control (Germany)/11–2948).