Editorial Note

In a paper agreed upon by the London Conference on Germany entitled “Report on Security”, dated May 26 (page 291), the United States, French, Benelux, and United Kingdom Delegations to the Conference agreed to recommend to their Governments that the Military Governors of the Western Zones of Occupation of Germany establish a Military Security Board to ensure the maintenance of disarmament and demilitarization in the interests of security. The “Report on Security” was included as Annex L to the Report of the London Conference on Germany, June 1, page 309. During August 1948, the United States, United Kingdom, and French Military Governors agreed to establish a working party on security to implement the recommendations of the “Report on Security”. The transactions of the working party are not delineated here. The documents that follow present the principal final actions and decisions by the Military Governors in connection with establishment of a Military Security Board.

During the meetings of the London Conference on the Ruhr in November and December, 1948, the functions of the proposed Military Security Board were discussed or alluded to frequently. The documentation on the Conference is presented in Chapter II, Part B.