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The United States Military Governor for Germany ( Clay ) to the Department of the Army


CC–6943. To Dept of the Army for CSCAD from CINCEUR sgd Clay. The fifth meeting of the United Kingdom, French and United States Military Governors took place in Frankfurt on 30 November 1948. Substantial agreement was reached on most of the items discussed. The agenda was as follows:

[Omitted here is the report of the discussion of the Occupation Statute.]

2. Organization of the Military Security Board—we agreed on a paper1 on this subject except for one slight reservation by General Koenig and intend to proceed to implement it as soon as my colleagues have nominated their members of the “commission” which is the senior element of the Military Security Board. My nominee is General Hodges who will also continue as head of my Armed Forces Division.

The Military Security Board will consist of a commission composed of three officers of General or equivalent rank, a board of deputies, a secretariat, three divisions (Military, industrial, and scientific research) and inspection commissions. It will operate by majority rule with the proviso that the minority member may refer the question at issue to the three Military Governors, this to have a suspensory effect until a decision has been rendered. Each Land director will act as the agent of the Tripartite Board of the three Military [Page 667] Governors for disarmament and demilitarization. He will report to the three Military Governors through the Military Security Board. If and when Military Government is no longer exercised at Land level, the Military Security Board will establish its own organizations in the Laender. I feel that as Military Government gets smaller these organizations will eventually take its place. This technique of representation in the Laender of the Military Security Board is the one point which General Koenig wishes to consider further, but I believe he will accept it in the next few days.

The text of this paper as finalized will be forwarded to you shortly.2

. . . . . . . .

[ Clay ]
  1. The text of the document under reference here, as slightly revised and subsequently approved by the Military Governors as document TRIB/P(48) 17, December 17, 1948, was released to the press on January 17, 1949; see the editorial note, p. 668.
  2. Numbered section 2 of this message as printed here was transmitted to the Department of State in telegram 2897, December 8, from Ambassador Murphy at Berlin, not printed (740.00119 Control (Germany)/12–848).