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Mr. Franklin A. Lindsay 1 to the United States Representative at the United Nations ( Austin )

top secret

Dear Senator Austin: We have prepared for your information a memorandum covering the attitudes and policies of the various foreign delegations to the Atomic Energy Commission.2 There are two additional items of Top Secret information which it seems desirable to cover in a separate letter.

United Kingdom

In the event a point is reached in the negotiations at which the Russians definitely refuse to accept the principles of international control, the United Kingdom Delegation has received instructions to put forward a strong suggestion of the possibility of the formation of an international control body excluding Russia. Such a commission would of course be essentially a military alliance.


Our special interest in the Belgian situation arises from the fact that the Belgian Congo is a major source of supply of uranium at the present moment. The United States has worked out very satisfactory relations with the private management of these mines. Should nationalization of these mines be carried out by the Belgian Government, United States arrangements would become known and in all probability our monopoly position in respect to their production would cease. It is therefore to our interest that the Belgian mines remain under private management, particularly during the period preceding the establishment of effective international control.

Very sincerely yours,

Franklin A. Lindsay
  1. Executive Officer, United States Delegation to the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission.
  2. Not printed.