500.A/1–3147: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations ( Austin )


34. Other members of SC have demonstrated interest in mentioning Art 43 agreements in any resolution dealing with general regulation of armaments. Our approved draft resolution of Jan 28 as amended in See’s office Jan 29 (see Ross memo to you Jan 291) does not specifically cover this question.

Not only does Dept believe some action designed to expedite completion of these agreements desirable, but it appears mandatory on SC under GA Resolution. We do not, however, consider that calling on MSC 2 at this time is either appropriate or likely to expedite agreements, nor do we believe SC should itself now give detailed consideration to the problem of these agreements.

We therefore favor action along line proposed in para 7 of first alternative draft resolution of Jan 24 brought by you to Washington,3 that is, that MSC be requested to inform SC without delay how soon SC can expect report and recommendations from MSC under Feb 1, [16] 1946 directive.4 The information should include an enumeration of matters to be covered by report and recommendations.

If SC takes this action it could, after receiving report, decide what further action should appropriately be taken to expedite agreements.

While we have no objection in principle to SC deciding on Feb 4 to make such a request of MSC, we feel that consideration of this question might unnecessarily complicate approval of basic resolution. It would therefore be better if it could be understood that question of expediting Art 43 agreements would also be considered by SC committee proposed in para 2 of resolution.

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We suggest that, after discussing this question with US Reps on MSC you take it up with your colleagues on SC particularly reps of permanent members of SC. You are authorized to agree to or propose any procedure which you consider most likely to accomplish our aims with a minimum of confusion.

  1. The memorandum under reference is not printed; for the text of the draft resolution, see the enclosure to the Secretary of State’s memorandum to the Under Secretary, January 30, p. 388.
  2. The Military Staff Committee of the United Nations; documentation generated by that body exists in the Reference and Documents Section of the Bureau of International Organization Affairs, Department of State.
  3. Paragraph 7 read as follows: [the Security Council] “Draws to the attention of the Military Staff Committee the recommendation of the General Assembly in Paragraph 7 of its Resolution of December 14 that the Security Council accelerate as much as possible the placing at its disposal of the armed forces mentioned in Article 43 of the Charter, and to the fact that the Security Council has accepted this recommendation, and accordingly requests the Military Staff Committee to inform the Security Council without delay how soon the Security Council can expect the report and recommendations requested of the Military Staff Committee on February 1 [16], 1946.” (500.A/1–3147)
  4. The directive requested the Military Staff Committee “as its first task to examine from the military point of view the provisions in Article 43 of the Charter and submit the results of the study and any recommendations to the Council in due course.”