IO Files: US/A/829

Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Theodore C. Achilles of the United States Delegation Staff of Advisers


At Mr. Raynor’s request I sought out Parodi1 after the General Committee meeting this afternoon to tell him that the seriousness of the British concern at the next session being held in Europe was forcing our delegation to give further consideration to the question, and that it looked as if we might have to follow a policy of very strict neutrality about it.

He then said he wanted to talk to me privately and, when we were alone, asked my frank opinion as to the fear expressed by the British that holding the Assembly in Europe would result in a serious decline in United States interest in the United Nations. He said the French were most anxious to avoid any such development, that this was the only argument advanced by the British which worried them, and that if we shared the British point of view about it they would not wish to push for having the next session in Europe. I gave him my frank opinion that holding the session in Europe would mean less publicity and interest in the United States for developments during that session but that it would by no means seriously lessen American interest in the United Nations.

Theodore C. Achilles
  1. Alexandre Parodi, Permanent Representative of France at the United Nations.