IO Files: US/A/803

Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. G. Hayden Raynor of the United States Delegation Staff of Advisers

Participants: Mr. Morgenstierne, Norwegian Delegation
Dr. J. H. van Royen, Netherlands Delegation
Mr. Hayden Raynor, United States Delegation

At lunch today both of the above[-named] gentlemen stated it would be a mistake for the next General Assembly to be held in Europe. Dr. van Royen in particular expressed the view that assuming a continuance of present Soviet tactics in the Assembly, the holding of the meeting in Europe would have a definitely harmful rather than beneficial effect. Mr. Morgenstierne stated however that he fully expected to be outvoted on this matter in his own delegation. Dr. van Royen also added that it would be a most difficult thing for a western European state to oppose the plan and he intimated that the Netherlands despite its feeling probably would be unable to do so.