800.4016 D.P./3–146: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom ( Gallman ) to the Secretary of State


2493. Deptel 1735, February 21. Embassy has just received following reply dated March 1 from Foreign Office to communication regarding closing of DP camps in US zone in Germany.

“The question of corresponding action in the British zone in Germany has now been considered and the view is held that there are so [Page 149] many disquieting implications that a decision on the point of substance and on the consequential announcement to camp inmates cannot be reached without further examination. In view of the food situation in the British zone in Germany, it would seem open to considerable doubt whether an announcement in the sense contemplated would be expedient at this moment, and a great number of related questions arise and need consideration, such as the housing of the present inmates in so far as they did not decide in favor of repatriation, the presumed absence (if the present camps were liquidated) of reception machinery for Germans returning from Poland, the risk of further uncontrolled mass movements if the camps were liquidated and so on. We should very much like to hold further discussions with you in London in the endeavor to reach a coordinated policy relating both to the British and to the American zones. In the course of these discussions the implications I have mentioned and others could be examined.”

Foreign Office proposes to discuss informally this matter immediately with Embassy and Department will be informed of future developments.