800.4016 D.P./2–2846: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom ( Gallman ) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

2419. From Penrose. Deptel 1735, February 21 and Embtel 2407, February 28.

Regarding proposed declaration of intention to close non-Jewish DP centers in US zone July 1 MacKillop Foreign Office states that the UK are asking views of their military authorities in Germany.
Would it be possible to postpone decision until after informal discussion with both UK and UNRRA? A consistent policy in the different zones is essential. Differences in policy of different occupying powers cause extensive clandestine movements among DPs as shown by infiltree movements. In Berlin I saw and talked with infiltrees “disappearing” from Soviet sector to reappear in US sector later.
Proportion of Catholic Poles to all Poles is considerably larger in UK than in US zones. This makes it particularly advisable to work out agreed policy before any unilateral declaration is made.
Desire of military to close operations by July 1 is understandable and it is possible that General Kenchington (UK) may share this desire, judging from general tenor of his conversation with me, which of course did not touch specific question now under discussion but military are not responsible for resettlement outside Germany and I believe it is unwise to assume either (a) that nearly all of non-Jewish DPs will return to their country before July 1 or (b) that resettlement plans for legitimate cases who remain will be completed, or (c) that it will be safe and equitable to turn loose among the German population those not repatriated by July 1.