Agreement between the United States and Iceland regarding termination of defense agreement of July 1, 1941, and provision for interim use of Keflavik Airport

[For text of statement on “Negotiations regarding military facilities in Iceland,” released to the press by the Department of State on April 27, 1946, see Department of State Bulletin, May 5, 1946, page 773. For text of a note delivered on September 19, 1946, by the American Minister at Reykjavik to the Foreign Minister of Iceland, printed under the heading “Proposals for termination of defense agreement with Iceland,” see ibid., September 29, 1946, page 583. For text of agreement between the United States and Iceland regarding the termination of the Defense Agreement of July 1, 1941, effected by exchange of notes on October 7, 1946, see Department of State, Treaties and Other International Acts Series No. 1566, or 61 Stat. (pt. 3) 2426. The ceremonies marking the formal handover of Keflavik were held on October 25, 1946. Related documentation, not printed, is in Department of State files Nos. 859A.20 and 501.AA.]