865.248/3–2646: Telegram

The Deputy United States Political Adviser, Allied Force Headquarters ( Byington ), to the Secretary of State


363. Reference our 336 of 9th [19th] March, 3 p.m.32 AFHQ has instructed AC to inform Italian Government that while SACMED has agreed to transfer to Italian Government as early as possible 2 months’ supplies in bulk from British to Italian depots in order to provide for maintenance of Italian Navy and Air Force until May 3, it is anticipated that further assistance from British forces toward maintenance of these forces will not be possible after that date since several British supply depots will have closed up. AC is requested to bring pressure on Italian Government to be sure that they will be in position to accept full responsibility for maintenance of Italian Navy and Air Force effective June 1, 1946.

Sent Department, repeated Rome 282.

  1. Not printed.