862.20252/11–1846: Telegram

The Chargé in Spain ( Bonsal ) to the Secretary of State


1644. As Dept is aware British and American Embassies here have been actively engaged since end of hostilities in Europe in program to repatriate dangerous Nazis in Spain. Results so far achieved may be briefly summarized as follows:

Of 734 priority names submitted to Spanish Govt for repatriation 237 have been repatriated. Broken down among four categories of priorities figures are as follows: First priority 146 names and 62 repatriated; second priority 109 names and 45 repatriated; third priority 252 names and 65 repatriated; fourth priority 227 names and 65 repatriated.

While above figures represent substantial results and although British Ambassador and I as well as members our staffs have continued and will continue to stress at every possible opportunity to Foreign Ministry and FonOff officials great importance attached by us to this program, we appear to have reached point where fresh evaluation of problem and policy decision are required. In spite of expressed willingness of FonOff and alleged support of Franco and Cabinet, fact-seems to be that Spanish cooperation at least under present circumstances not apt produce further appreciable results. Since departure Marine Marlin September 1 Spaniards have laid hands on only two first priority repatriates, no second priority, four third priority, three fourth priority according to available figures.

It is respectfully suggested that Dept and occupation authorities Germany will wish at highest levels to re-evaluate repatriation objectives. If it is considered program should be continued, it will be necessary for Dept and FonOff to instruct Embassy in light of experience to date re additional measures which may be adopted in order to bring pressure on Spanish authorities, it being realized that these authorities are confronted even where good-will exists by tremendous difficulties arising from widespread Spanish dislike of repatriation program as a whole and protection which individual Germans affected by it derive from their influential Spanish friends. Recent reports re removal German technicians by Russians have not helped create favorable atmosphere.

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Meanwhile British and American Embassies are in agreement that Spanish cooperation might be somewhat improved if our demands could be reduced and Spaniards could see end to program so far as they are concerned. Consequently, two Embassies engaged in preparation consolidated repatriation list to include balance 75 names on list published last August by Spaniards plus approximately 100 additional names. This list would be presented to Spaniards as our final demand upon them, it being clear, however, that a very few additional names might be added as result Safehaven considerations. It would also be made clear that this list by no means represents change in categories of Germans deemed repatriable by Allied authorities but merely lists those cases in which specific cooperation of Spanish Govt is requested and expected in view past assurances. New consolidated list should be ready about November 30. Dept’s authorization to present would be appreciated prior that date if possible. British Embassy making similar approach to FonOff.

Regardless of decision reached by Dept re repatriation program it is assumed Dept is considering establishment in Spain of organization including German nationals and representing occupation authorities in Germany of France, Britain and US which can maintain contact with German colony here, render minimum consular services and above all check activities remaining dangerous Nazis.

Repeated London 411, Berlin 311.