740.00119 Control (Germany)/10–2846

Memorandum by Mr. Laurence A. Knapp of the Division of Special Inter-American Affairs to the Chief of the Division of River Plate Affairs (Mann)

Attached is a memorandum69 prepared in SPD reviewing, as of October 1, 1946, action taken by the other American Republics to deport dangerous Germans in conformity with Resolution VII of Mexico, with particular reference to the voyage of the Marine Marlin.

You will note (pp. 5 to 7) that only Venezuela can be said to have made any genuine effort to cooperate, and that the default on the part of Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico and Uruguay was very serious relative to the problem. Although the Marine Marlin was not a convenient opportunity for such countries as Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, you will bear in mind that there have been no deportations from those countries since Chapultepec. Appendix II to the report lists the figures, as tabulated in SPD, of important Nazis remaining in the principal countries concerned.

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These facts are pertinent not only to the general problem of obtaining implementation of inter-American commitments, but are of a special relevance to our position vis-à-vis the Argentine.

Laurence A. Knapp
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