740.00119 EW/3–1246: Telegram

The Chargé in Denmark (Ackerson) to the Secretary of State


190. Foreign Minister7 informs me that considerable progress made in negotiations with Russian Govt regarding Bornholm and he is optimistic that definitive solution will be reached in near future. No details of probable basis of settlement yet available here.

This question continues occupy prominent place Danish press which points out that while Bornholm is perhaps only minor issue to great powers and even to Moscow, it is of primary importance to Denmark and to other countries in Baltic area. Press expresses fervent hope that early solution will be forthcoming. Communist paper Land og Folk resents “one-sidedness” of emphasis on Russian troops in Bornholm and wishes to widen question by asking when British troops will leave Denmark.

Chief of British Military Mission has issued restrained press statement that British troops came here originally as members SHAEF Denmark, that number now only 350 and being rapidly reduced and that many of these are here at request of Danish Govt to train and equip Danish troops destined to participate in occupation of Germany. Please pass to MIS and DNI.

Sent Department as 190, repeated Moscow as 11.

  1. Gustav Rasmussen.