840.811/6–1746: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Caffery)

us urgent

3090. For Merchant and McClure from Radius and Rainey. Reurtel 2924 June 17.64 Dept is concerned by delay in creation of Tripartite Traffic Committee for Rhine occasioned by attitude of US zone representative at meeting of June 6. We feel that concessions made by French in meeting of May 20 attended by Lebel, French FonOff, Merchant, Radius, McClure and Muelberger representing US, indicate notable cooperation and that compromise plan for Tripartite Traffic Committee outlined in A–708 May 20 should be fully acceptable by US authorities.

French reluctance to participate in formation of German Rhine operating organization resulting from their formation of “La Communauté Française pour la Navigation Rhénane” is understandable in view of Control Council delay in decision re surplus of German Rhine vessels available for reparations and natural fear of reconstituted German Rhine monopoly through formation of combined German operating organization. Believe that French agreement participate in tripartite Traffic Operating Committee made up of three zonal representatives will effectively coordinate German Rhine traffic program without complete pooling of German vessels and will lead to more practical working arrangements.

Does final paragraph your 2924 June 17 indicate that US Transport Division Berlin has reversed instructions to Major Boyd permitting establishment of Tripartite Traffic Committee as agreed in meeting at Paris May 20? If so, this meets with Dept’s full approval.

Sent to Paris repeated to Berlin and London. [From Radius and Rainey.]

  1. Not printed.