840.811/6–1946: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Caffery)

us urgent

3089. For Merchant and McClure from Radius and Rainey. Reurtel 2974 June 19.61 Subject: Agenda CRC meeting July 1–July 7.

Re immediately following telegram. In view of position taken by US zonal representative in Duisburg meeting June 6 Dept recognizes difficulties faced by you in pressing for strengthened IRWC at this CRC meeting. However Dept maintains opinion that Tripartite Traffic Operating Committee should be formed on basis of compromise reached with French at Paris meeting of May 20. Difficulty of establishing workable IRWC without tripartite zonal agreement on German Rhine should be made clear to Colonel Neff with view to obtaining US zone support of agreement reached May 20.
In this connection you might reassure representatives of riparian states at this meeting that US has no intention of permitting re-emergence of German domination Rhine shipping. Such reassurance might follow tone of Merchant’s discussions with Dutch and French representatives reported in your tel 2918 [2819] June 11.63
Dept sees no objection to CRC representative attending meetings on Inland Navigation Committee of the Inter-Allied Reparations Agency. However, detailed discussions of complex question of surplus German Rhine vessels for reparations should be avoided pending decision by Control Council re German level of industry affecting inland shipping. A request for opinions of Deputy Military Governor in this matter has been forwarded by telegram. In this connection Dept agrees most desirable that ample consultation be afforded Dutch, Belgians and Swiss prior to any ACC decision in matters of Rhine shipping available for reparations.
3, 4 and 5.
No comment.

Sent to Paris repeated to Berlin. [From Radius and Rainey.]

  1. Not printed.
  2. The numbering of this and subsequent paragraphs relates to the numbers of the agenda of the CRC meeting as outlined in telegram 2974.
  3. See footnote 58, p. 261.