740.00119 Council/1–2146: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)


914. Secdel 114. For Dunn from Matthews, Radius and Collado. Reurtel 719 Jan 21 Delsec 144. Dept suggests that US proposal on [Page 225] Danube issue in satellite peace treaty discussions should take form of general statement that “navigation on rivers of international concern should be free and open on terms of entire equality to nationals, vessels of commerce, and goods of all members of the United Nations.”

Despite draft directive submitted at Sept Council of Foreign Ministers,12 Dept does not now favor confirming particular international waterway regime in peace treaties.

Dept does not believe it desirable to raise issue of an International Danube Administration at this time which would involve taking stand as between British and French position (non-riparian representation) on one hand, and Russian position (exclusively riparian representation) on other. To obtain recognition of freedom of navigation and non-discriminatory treatment principles by satellite and major nations would be best contribution that US could make.

Dept recognizes danger that general statement of principle in peace treaties, such as suggested above, will not of itself carry assurance of adequate implementation. It is hoped of course that adequate implementation can be effectuated through UNO.

Dept’s position in event issue should be precipitated between British and French and Soviets has not been determined. Further instructions will follow as soon as possible.13

Dept also believes that general principle should be incorporated in the peace treaties that “interior areas should be assured freedom of access and transit to desirable and convenient port facilities.” Instructions on particular application of this principle to Bulgaria will follow. [Matthews, Radius and Collado.]