840.811/1–2546: Telegram

The Counselor of Mission in the Office of the United States Political Adviser for Austria (Gray) to the Secretary of State


118. Pass to War Dept., Remy A–4392, October 26.8 Following is text of resolution adopted by Allied Council January 22:

“The Allied Council agrees that the Commander in Chief will draw the attention of their respective governments to the advantages that would accrue if these governments would authorize their representatives in Vienna to seek a solution of the question of a rapid resumption of navigation on the Danube, and to make, without delay, proposals towards finding a provisional ‘modus vivendi’.”

This resolution adopted without discussion by AC and Executive Committee on basis of report by Quadripartite Transport Division following letter from Austrian Minister of Transportation pointing out importance of rapid resumption of navigation on Danube. Report expressed hope that proposals for resumption of traffic would be made before winter ends.

We will proceed in accordance with existing instructions in Department’s 174, October 99 and 250, November 810 if and as soon as other three members particularly Soviet member receive similar instructions permitting them to do so. (In this connection see my 117, January 25, 6 p.m.8) Will any further instructions be issued to Representative Clark11 on basis of above resolution?

Sent Department as 118, repeated Berlin as 14, London as 11, Paris as 20, Moscow as 8.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Not printed; in this telegram the Department suggested that “an Interim Austrian Danube Control Organization be established at the earliest possible moment by the Control Council or by arrangement among the zonal commanders concerned with Austrian portion of Danube.” (840.811/10–945)
  3. Not printed; in this telegram the Department asked for details regarding nationality of vessels under US control, adequacy of supply of Soviet barges, and demand for waterway equipment in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia (840.811/10–2645).
  4. Not printed.
  5. Gen. Mark W. Clark, Commanding General, US Forces in Austria: US Military Commissioner for Austria; US Member of the Allied Council for Austria.