740.00119 P. W./8–2445

Memorandum by the Director of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs ( Ballantine ) to the Assistant Secretary of State ( Dunn )

I have been shown a War Department message from the Commander-in-Chief, Army Forces, Pacific, to the War Department stating that it is considered essential that, in view of international aspects, there be assigned from the State Department liaison personnel to the occupation forces in Korea; and early information as to the desires of the State Department is requested.

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I concur in the view that assignment of such personnel is desirable but hesitate to make any specific recommendations pending decision on the question of similar personnel for Japan Proper.

Later: Colonel Vittrup, War Department Liaison Officer, has just telephoned urging that decision on this matter be made as soon as possible.52

J[oseph] W. B[allantine]
  1. In a marginal notation the same day, Mr. Dunn suggested H. M. Benninghoff; he was appointed on August 25 as liaison officer and U.S. Political Adviser to the Commanding General, U.S. Occupation Forces, Korea.