Revised Anglo-American petroleum agreement signed at London, September 24, 1945

[For text of agreement, see Department of State Bulletin, September 30, 1945, page 481. Agreement is a revision of the original agreement, signed August 8, 1944, which did not receive approval of the Senate and was returned to State Department at the request of President Roosevelt on January 10, 1945. For documentation pertaining to this agreement of August 8, 1944, see Foreign Relations, 1944, volume III, pages 94 ff. The return of the agreement was followed by conversations between representatives of Government and industry at which misunderstandings were removed and changes agreed upon. Then on September 17, 1945, a new Anglo-American conference opened at London resulting in a revised agreement signed September 24, 1945. This was submitted to the United States Senate and it too failed to obtain ratification and on July 5, 1952, by Joint Resolution of Congress, was returned to the State Department.]