895.01/8–1845: Radiogram

The Chairman (Kim) and the Foreign Mmister (Tjo) of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea to the Chairman of the Korean Commission in the United States (Rhee)44

Please convey following message to President Truman.

[“]We the undersigned in behalf of the Korean Provisional Government and of the Korean people have the honour to congratulate most heartily the five leading Powers—the United States of America, [Page 1037] Great Britain, Soviet Russia, the Republic of France and the Republic of China—on the excessively speedy attainment of Japan’s unconditional surrender and thereby ending all aggressive forces and reinstating peace and justice throughout the world through the mighty efforts of the said Allied Powers. Already by numerous statements, declarations and memorandums presented to the Powers the basic desire and aim of the Koreans have been expressed. We trust the Allied Powers are fully cognizant of Korea’s historical status and that Korea is by no means a territory now being severed from Japan proper. We reiterate the fact that Korea is now to be liberated from Japan’s forcible aggression. Agreeing to the principles declared by the recent Potsdam Conference we desire and are prepared to assist and cooperate in the following ways:

The Korean Provisional Government will carry out all pertinent operations ensuing Japan’s surrender and to achieve this most effectively we desire to dispatch our Provisional Government’s representatives to the responsible and respective Allied council commissions and/or organs for consultation and cooperative execution.
Following the signing of the Armistice we desire participation in all Councils affecting the present and future destiny of Korea and Koreans.
In the coming Peace Conference and in all official and/or unofficial gatherings such as the UNRRA,45 etc. wherever the Korean question is involved we request to be represented. Expressing our most respectful and highest consideration we submit these suggestions.[”]

Koo Kim
Y. Tjo So-wang
  1. Copy transmitted to President Truman by Dr. Rhee on August 18, referred to the Secretary of State by the Executive Clerk of the White House (Latta) on August 21, and acknowledged by the Acting Secretary of State on September 7 (895.01/8–1845).
  2. United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.