895.01/8–1445: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Hurley) to the Secretary of State

1356. Mr. Tjo So-wang, “Minister for Foreign Affairs of Korean Provisional Government” called at Embassy August 14. After congratulatory remarks on American share in Japanese defeat, he said that (1) “Provisional Government” wished to cooperate with occupational forces, particularly American, on landing in Korea, (2) “Provisional Government” desired to assist American forces in disarming and disposing of the approximately one million Koreans in Japanese Army scattered through Far East, and (3) Korean revolutionary leaders wished to have a voice where Korean political problems are concerned; he mentioned, as instances, repatriation of several million Koreans from Japan, Manchuria, and Russia, and question of disposal of factories in Korea. It was evident from his conversation that he was apprehensive of Soviet influence and actions in Korea.

Mr. Tjo So-wang was informed that his remarks would be reported to Department.

Sent to Department. Repeated to Moscow.