740.00119 PW/7–645: Telegram

The Minister in Sweden (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

2384. Following is substance of report given Leg[ation] by Prince Carl Bernadotte following a conversation with Jap Military Attaché. This conversation took place at a dinner arranged by the Japs for Prince Carl who had previously informed Leg that he would.

Major General Onodera, Jap Mil Attaché, stated that Japs know war has been lost and when right time comes they will make direct contact with King of Sweden. Onodera said this would be done by him and he emphasized that he and not Jap Minister has authorization from Emperor and Jap Govt to enter into negotiations. King Gustaf would be approached with view to his contacting Allies. Onodera referred to Emperor and pointed out that by reason of Emperor’s [Page 488] position contact will have to be made by Swed King. He further stated that Emperor must be maintained in his position after the capitulation. No other conditions of surrender were specified. Bernadotte was asked not to advise the Americans of conversation at this time, Mil Attaché stressing point that time had not yet arrived for contact to be made. Onodera then requested Prince Charles [Carl] to arrange meeting for him with his father Prince Carl Senior. Bernadotte replied that his father is now in Oslo and is not well but that he would deliver message and give Onodera Prince Carl Senior’s reply. Prince Carl Senior is brother of King Gustaf and President of Swed Red Cross.


[For statement to the press by the Acting Secretary of State on July 10, 1945, concerning Japanese peace offers, see Department of State Bulletin, July 15, 1945, page 84.]