740.00119 P.W./6–2245

Memorandum by the Acting Director of the Office of Strategic Services (Buxton) to the Secretary of State

The following information, transmitted by the OSS representative in Bern, is a sequel to memoranda dated 12 May and 4 June concerning [Page 487] peace feelers emanating reportedly from the Japanese Legation in Bern. The source of the information is the same German authority referred to in previous memoranda, a description of whom is appended below:

According to source, Fujimura insists that the Japanese, before surrendering, would require assurances that the Emperor would be retained. Fujimura has read accounts in the Bern press of Mr. Allen Dulles’14 part in arranging for the German capitulation in North Italy. Fujimura is obviously interested in knowing what terms short of unconditional surrender might have been granted these Germans.

[Fujimura, a former Japanese Assistant Naval Attaché in Berlin, is considered to be one of the principal Japanese naval representatives in Europe. From Bern he is reportedly in close touch by cable with naval circles in Tokyo.]15

[Source is a German national who was taken prisoner by the Japanese in World War I. Upon his release he remained in Japan and established important commercial relations there. He placed Japanese purchases in Germany, made a substantial fortune, and gained the confidence of high Japanese circles, particularly in the Navy. Some years ago he returned to Europe, and, as he was persona non grata with the Hitler Government, he took up residence in Zurich. He maintained contacts, however, with Japanese circles in Berlin, especially with Admiral Nomura, the Japanese Naval Attaché. He is understood to have advised the Japanese two years ago that Germany would be decisively defeated, while Ambassador Oshima at that time officially predicted a German victory.]15

G. Edward Buxton
  1. New York attorney serving with the Office of Strategic Services in Europe.
  2. Brackets appear in the original.
  3. Brackets appear in the original.