875.01/5–2545: Telegram

The Representative in Albania ( Jacobs ) to the Secretary of State

22. Received yesterday note in the Albanian language dated May 23 signed by Enver Hoxha as President of Council of Ministers of which the following is a translation:

“The Democratic Government of Albania, in order that it may contact our Albanian brothers in the United States, the great friend of Albania and inform them of our struggle and of the war that the Albanian people waged during the Fascist occupation desires to send to the United States a delegation composed of three or four people.

We beg you, Mr. J. E. Jacobs, to intervene with your Government as soon as possible to secure the necessary permission.”

In an interview with Hoxha on other matters he informed me that the delegation would be civilian and that his Government wished to send them to the United States as indicated to contact Albanians and informing [inform?] them of the activities of the FNC regime. I told him that I would forward his note but was by no means sure that the Dept would approve entry at this time especially as I had not had sufficient time to submit even a preliminary report on conditions in Albania.

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While I am aware of some of the difficulties involved in this request the FNC officials are so intensely sincere and patriotic in their lights and so disturbed over failure to receive what they regard as due consideration of various requests made of us I am sure that refusal of this request will be considered as another rebuff and impair my [apparent omission]. Unless Department has strong objection I recommend approval of the entry for temporary period of the group or at least two representatives. Such a trip might well broaden their conception and grasp of international affairs.

Sent to Department as 22 repeated to Caserta as 23.