123 Joseph E. Jacobs: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Egypt (Tuck)

28. For Jacobs.2 In connection further with your appointment as head of the American Mission to Albania, the Department would like you to keep the following points in mind:

The Department does not desire that your appointment and the assembling of your staff for temporary duty in Italy should give rise to conjecture on the part of the Albanians regarding the intentions of this Government in the matter of recognition. Publicity will not be given to these arrangements, therefore, pending further examination of the qualifications of the existing authorities in Albania as a broadly representative group and clearer evidence of their disposition to adhere to a democratic program.
Fultz,3 who is entering Albania as a member of an OSS4 mission, will eventually be transferred to our payroll for service as Economic Adviser on your staff. Meanwhile, it is suggested that following your arrival in Italy you should proceed with such arrangements as may be necessary in order to coordinate the preliminary work of your staff with that of Fultz and with the intelligence functions of the OSS team in Albania. The OSS mission has been granted permission to use the American Legation buildings in Tirana as a temporary headquarters.
The British are considering a plan to send a regular military mission into Albania by the first of the year. This group, which would probably be headed by a brigadier and would include a political and economic adviser, would function as British representation until [Page 2] an Albanian government is recognized. The Russians are represented at present by a military mission to the Albanian Army of National Liberation. It is surmised that they may soon send political experts to Albania as a step preliminary to reaching a decision on recognition.
You may find it desirable upon your arrival to consult with Merrill and other members of Kirk’s5 staff regarding the current situation in Albania. You should also examine instruction no. 44 of November 256 and instruction of October 21,6a which enclosed for the information of the United States Political Adviser at Naples a number of documents relating to Albanian problems.

Sent to Cairo; repeated to AmPolAd7 (Caserta) as 6.

  1. Joseph E. Jacobs, until January 1, 1945, Counselor of Legation and Consul General at Cairo. In telegram 17, January 1, 10 p.m., the Department informed the Legation at Cairo that Jacobs was being transferred as Foreign Service Officer attached to the staff of the United States Political Adviser to the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater, at Caserta. Jacobs’ assignment was being made with the view to his eventual appointment as head of an American Mission to Albania, with personal rank of Minister. The President had approved this designation which would become effective at the appropriate time. (123 Joseph E. Jacobs)
  2. Harry T, Fultz who was appointed economic adviser in the Foreign Service Auxiliary on April 9, 1945, and assigned to Tirana.
  3. Office of Strategic Services.
  4. Alexander C. Kirk was simultaneously Ambassador in Italy and Political Adviser to the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater.
  5. Not printed; it transmitted copies of the memorandum of November 3, 1944, from the British Embassy to the Department of State and the Department’s memorandum of reply dated November 21, 1944. For texts of the two latter documents, see Foreign Relations, 1944, vol. iii, pp. 282 and 288, respectively.
  6. Not printed.
  7. American Political Adviser.