The Canadian Embassy to the Department of State


With reference to the aide-mémoire dated March 3, 1945 from the Department of State53 the Canadian Embassy has been instructed to reply that the Canadian Government received a memorandum from the United Kingdom Government under date of Feb. 12, 194554 in [Page 1088] which were set forth the recommendations of the United Kingdom Government as to the manner in which the ultimate burden of the cost of the provision of civilian supplies on a combined basis to liberated and conquered areas in Europe should be borne, so far as the burden does not fall on the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.

In replying to this memorandum the Canadian Government informed the United Kingdom Government that the Canadian Government is in general agreement with the recommendations made in the memorandum under reference, subject, however, to the following reservations:

In the absence of a firm assurance from the Government of the United Kingdom and Government of the United States that they will make whatever payments may be necessary to ensure that the ultimate deficit will be shared in the proportions agreed on if the division of receipts collected from recipient governments does not produce this result, the Canadian Government cannot undertake to bear a share of the financing of the original procurement of the supplies disproportionate to the shares borne by the other two governments.
As the original offer of the Canadian Government contemplated a contribution to the cost of military relief rather than to the cost of the provision of civilian supplies on a combined basis to liberated and conquered areas in Europe insofar as the burden does not fall on UNRRA, the Canadian Government cannot undertake any commitment in respect to any projects for furnishing supplies on a combined basis which go beyond the provision of military relief unless these projects are expressly approved by the Canadian Government.

The United Kingdom Government has acknowledged receipt of this reply, taking note of the reservations of the Canadian Government.

The Canadian Government accepts the suggestion that the proposals contained in the United Kingdom memorandum of February 12, 1945 should be regarded as constituting an agreement among the three governments. Since, as was anticipated in the preliminary discussions, the Canadian acceptance is subject to qualifications, it will be appreciated if the Canadian Embassy might have a reply from the Department of State taking note of the Canadian reservations.55

[For text of a joint United States–United Kingdom–Canadian press release of April 30, 1945, setting forth in general terms the nature of the tripartite food discussion in Washington, see Documents on American Foreign Relations, 1944–1945, volume VII, page 667. For summary [Page 1089] of report by Samuel I. Rosenman to President Truman, dated April 26, 1945, on the matter of civilian supplies for the liberated areas of northwest Europe, following his mission to countries in that area, see press release by the White House, May 1, 1945, Department of State Bulletin, May 6,1945, page 860.]

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