Participation of the United States in the Rubber Study Group

[For previous documentation, see Foreign Relations, 1944, volume II, pages 950 ff. The first meeting in 1945 of the Rubber Study Group was held at Washington, January 22–27, 1945, with delegates present representing the Governments of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The second meeting, with delegates from France also taking part, was held at London, November 19–23, 1945. For summaries of these meetings, see Department of State Bulletin, February 4, 1945, pages 161–162, and November 25, 1945, pages 840, 872; for additional details, see Department of State, Participation of the United States Government in International Conferences, July 1, 1941–June 30, 1945, pages 154–156, and ibid., July 1, 1945–June 30, 1946, pages 27–29.]