Memorandum of Understanding Reached Between Representatives of the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada at Tripartite Food Discussion in Washington

Representatives of Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. have together examined the supplies and requirements for 1945 of the major foodstuffs in short supply.

With the notable exception of wheat and flour, supplies of most foods are inadequate to meet stated requirements, including those of liberated areas. In view of the urgent need of food in the liberated areas the three countries are prepared to make every reasonable effort to make available essential food requirements consistent with the effective prosecution of the war and the maintenance of productive capacity within each of the countries.

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There is set forth in this memorandum proposed programs with respect to important commodities which represent the intentions of the three countries in 1945. These programs will be reviewed by the Combined Food Board machinery prior to June 1 and again prior to September 1 and firm allocations will be made on a quarterly basis by the appropriate supply agencies of the participating countries, after discussions with other countries affected by the recommendations. In the Combined Food Board review the representatives of the three participating countries will be guided by the principles set out in the attached statements.

The plans set forth herein are subject to approval by the Governments of the three countries.52

Any adjustment of supplies to the U.S.S.R. consequent upon the carrying out of the plans set forth herein are subject to consultation with the President’s Soviet Protocol Committee in the U.S., the Allied Supplies Executive in the U.K., and the Canadian Mutual Aid Board in Canada.

In so far as adjustments in supplies in Civil Affairs programme are necessary in consequence of the carrying out of the plans herein set forth they will be subject to consultation with the Combined Civil Affairs Committee.

The following commodities are covered.

I Sugar
II Oils and Fats
III Meat
IV Dairy Products (except butter)
V Wheat
VI Rice
VII Canned Fish
VIII Beans and Peas

[Here follow programs of allocation for above commodities.]

  1. Such approval was given, the Canadian Government making an amendment in respect to the amount of meat to be supplied by Canada.