840.50/3–1145: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant ) to the Secretary of State

2531. We appreciate the Department’s 1384, February 23 repeated to us for information.36

We consider that the proposed United States-United Kingdom-USSR discussions in Moscow on general questions of supply and transport in eastern Europe would be of great value. The matter has been discussed with Judge Rosenman and members of his Mission who share this opinion. The Moscow discussions would be complementary to the work of the Rosenman Mission in northwest Europe.
The results of the discussions in Moscow should in our opinion be available not later than May 15th to allow time for their consideration before the next UNRRA Council meeting which has been suggested for May or early June.
British officials here have indicated tentatively that, if the meeting is held, they might send three members, one from Foreign Office, one generally familiar with supply matters and third with qualifications as yet unstated. The two latter would be at the technical or operating level. The possibility of a Minister leading the party is not excluded. Brand and Hasler appear to us to be likely candidates. It might therefore be desirable to select United States members with a view to complementing British in special knowledge or experience.
The British have had no word from Soviets on the subject since delivery of memorandum to Molotov at Yalta on February 11. Clark-Kerr37 is being instructed by cable to expedite a Soviet reply.
If the Department and the Soviet agree to the United Kingdom proposal and if the Department wishes to consider the inclusion among the United States group of any personnel from London we would make the following suggestions:
Loyd Steere, Agricultural Attaché, for his knowledge of European food problems, and Winthrop Brown, MEA, for his knowledge of supply and shipping matters. In addition we suggest Rupert Emerson of the Rosenman Mission, who is familiar with UNRRA and liberated areas matters and who would create a useful link with the work of the Rosenman Mission.
  1. Not printed; it repeated to London the substance of telegram 393, February 22, to Moscow, p. 1070.
  2. Sir Archibald Clark Kerr, British Ambassador in the Soviet Union.