President Roosevelt to the British Prime Minister (Churchill)35

712. Reference your Number 902 of 2 March 1945.

I am gratified to learn that you are making arrangements to meet the March and April deficiencies for the 21st Army Group from U.K. stocks.
I share your concern that the problem will prove to be larger than the figures involved in this emergency. I am also very much concerned about the problem of the replacement of your foodstuffs as well as provision of the necesary ships. It seems to me now imperative that discussions be resumed here in the immediate future as to these questions and as to the availability of foodstuffs from sources in U.K. and elsewhere in addition to United States.
Eisenhower’s estimates of future requirements for Northwest Europe are of such large proportions that they present most difficult [Page 1077] problems of shipping availability and inland transport in the United States. Of the 772,000 tons allocated for subsistence procurement responsibility for Northwest Europe for June and July only 20 tons are allocated to the U.K., the remainder being U.S. responsibility. As the total allocations are only about one-half of Eisenhower’s recent estimates it is obvious that discussions leading to definite conclusions must be instituted now between fully authorized representatives of our respective governments and we are prepared to resume such discussions now.
I think that the questions you raise in your Number 902 will have to be considered as part of the overall problem which I am most anxious to have fully explored and determined in the immediate future. I should appreciate word as to when your representatives may be expected.
  1. Copy of telegram obtained from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, N.Y.