The British Prime Minister (Churchill) to President Roosevelt 25

902. Reference your telegram Number 710.

The total deficiency amounts to 109,000 tons, 51,000 tons for March arrival and 58,000 tons for April arrival. We have already made arrangements to meet the 51,000 tons for March arrival by [Page 1073] diverting 30,000 tons of wheat in transit to U.K. and 21,000 tons ex SHAEF’s general reserve held by us for them in this country. The April deficiency will have to be met from U.K. stocks as there is no time to meet the demand from any other source.
We cannot meet certain items at all because we have no stocks available. These details are being arranged with the agencies concerned.
I want to impress upon you that we shall require immediate replacement of a large part of these food stuffs, and the provision of ships to carry them.
I am sure that the problem will turn out to be bigger than these figures. British Officers are now discussing the matter with SHAEF and will be returning tomorrow. I will send you a further telegram on editing their report.
  1. Copy of telegram obtained from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, N.Y.