President Roosevelt to the British Prime Minister (Churchill)25

710. I have been advised that the Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Forces requires an additional 69,000 tons of food during March to meet civilian supply contingencies arising in the 21st Army Group area of Belgium and Holland. SCAEF26 advised the Combined Chiefs of Staff of these needs in Scaf27 215 dated 25 February 1945.

In order to meet these needs it will be necessary for the supplies to be shipped from the UK to the 21st Army Group. I understand that the British Government is now considering whether the 69,000 tons should be drawn from the stockpile now allocated to SCAEF for use in the B–2 area of Holland (eastern Holland) If so, it appears obvious that the withdrawal from the B–2 stockpile must be covered by immediate replacement from stocks now in the U.K.

I hope you will see your way clear to have the U.K. agree to replace the Dutch B–2 stockpile to the extent required to protect SCAEF against anticipated Dutch civilian supply needs.

  1. Copy of telegram obtained from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, N.Y.
  2. Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force.
  3. Military communications indicator.