840.50 UNRRA/3–2945: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative on the Advisory Council for Italy ( Kirk )

278. UNRRA has informed the Department that they have talked with Hendrickson by telephone and have authorized him to recast preamble of proposed Albanian agreement to meet points raised in your 1228, March 29. There should be therefore no difficulty in agreeing on changes with Hendrickson which will meet political and military points of view.58

  1. Telegram 1543, April 13, 1945, 9 a.m., from Caserta, stated that on April 11 Hoxha had signed an agreement between the “Supreme Allied Commander Mediterranean Theatre of Operations, and Commander in Chief Albanian National Army of Liberation”, providing for Albania to receive temporary relief from Military Liaison (840.50 UNRRA/4–1345). Military Liaison (Albania) was a subordinate part of Allied Military Liaison, an Anglo-American military body responsible for the planning and administration of civilian relief in liberated territories.