840.50 UNRRA/3–2945: Telegram

Mr. Alexander C. Kirk, United States Political Adviser on the Staff of the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater (Alexander),49 to the Secretary of State

1228. Our No. 1206, March 28, 6 p.m.50 We learned this afternoon that Governor Lehman telegraphed Hendrickson51 yesterday stating that UNRRA Central Committee had approved an approach to Hoxha52 and the negotiation of an agreement along the lines of [Page 974] that concluded with the Yugoslav Government.53 This telegram directed the insertion of a clause as follows: “Whereas the democratic government of Albania (hereinafter referred to as the government) exercises administrative authority in Albania within the meaning of Resolution I54 of the Council”.

We and our British colleagues agree that the use of the expression “democratic government of Albania” is highly undesirable and we have arranged for AFHQ to telegraph urgently to the British Military Mission at Tirana asking Brigadier Hodgson55 to explain our position to Hendrickson and to ask him to refrain from using that terminology if in any agreement that may be negotiated. We have stated that reference to the Albanian regime should follow lines of draft prepared for military relief agreement which is: “Colonel General Enver Hoxha, Commander-in-Chief, Albania National Army of Liberation, and Principal Albanian Military Authority.” We have also emphasized that in no circumstances should the agreement imply recognition of Hoxha’s regime as government of Albania.56

In order that there may be no further hitch in this matter we hope that Department will explain to Governor Lehman that this action is in keeping with our policy and that of Great Britain with respect to question of non-recognition at least for time being of present ANLA57 regime.

  1. Mr. Kirk was also American Ambassador in Italy and representative on the Advisory Council for Italy.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Roy F. Hendrickson, Deputy Director General of UNRRA.
  4. Enver Hoxha, Prime Minister of the Provisional Albanian Government and Commander in Chief, Albanian National Liberation Army.
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