740.00112A EW/10–145: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant )

8833. Urtel 10198 Oct l.54 PL Committee has been giving careful consideration to various plans re future of List, particularly that suggested to Brit in letter reported your 10197 Oct. 1.55 Committee was disturbed by Brit reply since it in effect rejected possible US counterproposal prior to receipt. In view of Brit position, we are willing to adhere to present formula, namely, reduction of List to hard core in Nov and withdrawal of Lists in May 1946. It is necessary however that Brit agree in return that procedure for determining hard core be acceptance of results of working parties. This means acceptance, on Western Hemisphere side, of names presently approved by working party for hard core plus such additions as may be made by working party in future. It appears to us that only in this way can implementation on a fair and expeditious basis be made of program for hard core reduction in Nov and elimination in May. Otherwise, reexamination of entire program would be necessary.

It should be pointed out that we will use same procedure re working party on Eastern Hemisphere. Dept and other agencies concerned with PL are accepting hard core for Eastern Hemisphere which has been worked out in London and we are neither making nor intend to make independent review. We feel Brit should do same with regard to Western Hemisphere, Gravity of situation in WH is demonstrated by chart being forwarded to you by air mail. Statistical analysis indicates sharp disagreement between Brit in London and recommendations of missions and working party.

You are requested to address MEWFO immediately on this subject. You should make it clear that this Govt’s reaffirmation of adherence to original formula is conditioned upon Brit acceptance of working party list for Western Hemisphere.56

In order to assure you first opportunity of informing Brit, Dept will not advise Brit Emb here of this proposal until Oct 9.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Not printed. This proposal was that the date of complete withdrawal of the lists might be advanced to February 1946. In that case Washington wished “to consider the advantages of omitting intermediate bulk deletions and maintaining the lists at approximately their present size up to such earlier date of complete elimination.” (740.00112A EW/10–145)
  3. Summary of this telegram transmitted in circular telegram of October 11, 1945, noon, to the Diplomatic Officers at Paris, Brussels, Moscow, Madrid, Lisbon, Bern, Cairo, Caserta, Ankara, Stockholm, Berlin, Belgrade, Bucharest, Helsinki, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Oslo, Sofia, and Athens.