740.00112A EW/8–2845: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

8769. For ES and Collado reDeptel 6550, August 4.

[Page 848]
FonOff memo promised second sentence Embtel 8678 August 2553 received. Communication mentions extensive work devoted to selection of hard core, suggests Latin American replacement program ultimately must be faced without reliance on long lists but agrees our obligation to favor our friends as long as trade controls remain.
Letter cites four chief reasons for original plan to reduce lists: (a) Weak evidence against some names will make difficult meeting protests from Govts and parties interested; (b) withdrawal of censorship and economic warfare machinery makes policing long lists difficult; (c) political difficulties encountered with restive neutral govts complaining of discrimination; and (d) some minor offenders coincidently may be best export channels.
Main decisions substantially as follows:
Considering strong desire of American Govt to alter original program British prepared to concur that, provided a suitable alternate arrangement agreeable to both Govts is adopted, the lists shall not be diminished in Sept to hard core. For reasons cited, however, the arrangement should still involve selecting a hard core by application of existing standards rather than removing a further batch of lesser offenders. Feel it impossible to hold existing list less a few meritorious cases until May 1946 and desire at all costs to avoid continuation of periodic deletions which undermine stigma attached to those still on the lists because of impression that any still listed may come off at any time.
British propose hard core be postponed from Sept until Nov and concur entire lists be dropped not later than May 1946. It may moreover be necessary at any time to review specific cases in which some particular Allied interest attaches.
If United States Govt concurs in this compromise British propose that Neth and French Govts represented on London committee be informed. Suggest also that missions in territories where further mass deletions are envisaged before reduction to hard core be instructed to make their recommendations in accordance with compromise plan. Embassy comment: This appears to suggest speed up of deletion recommendations from Latin America.
FonOff understand from Collado that whole question will be reviewed with interested Washington agencies in light of changed conditions arising from conclusion of Japanese war and that FonOff will be informed of conclusions.

Please cable if Dept concurs paragraph (c).

Full report airmail.

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