761.6711/6–2645: Telegram

No. 691
The Ambassador in Turkey ( Wilson ) to the Acting Secretary of State

us urgent

858. I informed Acting ForMin this morning in sense final para Dept’s 649, June 23.1 He expressed appreciation for interest US Govt and promised keep me fully informed[.] He said, of course, Turkey could hardly be expected have “respect” for Soviet point of view that Turkish territory and bases should be ceded to Russia. Also he could assure me that Turkey will not pursue course opposed to principles of International Security Organization.

He then pressed for our reaction to Brit proposals for démarche at Moscow. I informed him in sense your telegram. He said he understood our point of view and expressed hope that when question is discussed at Big Three meeting, we will take position supporting respect for equal sovereignty and independence all states.

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He said Turk Govt had trustworthy info Soviet Army units withdrawing from Poland and Hungary and moving into Bulgaria. While true that in June 7 conversation Molotov made no threats, Soviet military movements look like threats. I asked if he really thought Russia would take military action against Turkey on eve Big Three meeting. He said frankly he doubted it but Turkey could not be caught unprepared.

I then said that as matter of interest, I wanted ask why Turk Govt had taken initiative of seeking June 7 conversation. He replied not entirely correct say Turk Govt had taken initiative. When Sarper returned Ankara after Soviet denunciation friendship treaty, Sarper and Soviet Amb here had several informal personal conversations. These conversations, of course, took place with knowledge of Turk Govt. They were general in nature and concerned with security of Black Sea and revision [Straits] convention. When Sarper on point returning Moscow Vinogradov encouraged him seek interview with Molotov soon as latter returned from San Francisco expressing belief such interview would lead to satisfactory basis for discussion. Sarper, therefore, sought interview and at opening thereof inquired whether Molotov had received report from Vinogradov on their recent conversations. Molotov said yes but report had covered only points of view of Turkey and that Soviet Govt had points of view to express and then launched into statement of three points.

(To Dept, rptd Moscow as 48 and London as 62.) Sumer said that as matter of fact, Turk Govt had welcomed encouragement from Russian Amb to seek interview with Molotov since it was USSR which had taken initiative denouncing treaty of friendship and Turk Govt was desirous of knowing Soviet point of view re improvements sought in new treaty. Also Turk Govt is glad that Molotov proposals have been made in advance of Big Three meeting so that Britain and US are informed and in position to take helpful action in support principles international fair dealing.