767.68119/6–1845: Telegram

No. 689
The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Turkey (Wilson)


649. 1. In June 18 aide-mémoire1 substantially along lines Embs 822 June 20 rpt Moscow as Ankara’s 412 Brit Govt suggested that USG join Brit in firm representations to USSR re MolotovSarper conversation June 7 undertaken latter’s initiative on grounds that Russian desiderata concerned powers responsible for World Security Organization and that Molotov’s action is contrary explicit assurances given by Marshal Stalin at Yalta to effect that appropriate assurances should be given to Turkey re the maintenance of Turk independence and integrity.

2. Dept representatives present Yalta do not recall Stalin to have taken a position so definite as that indicated by Brits[.] The telegram from Brit Min at Istanbul dated June 13 to FO reports Turk Amb sought interview Molotov under instructions from Turk Govt. Moreover conversation appears to have been conducted amicably in atmosphere unclouded by threats.

3. Dept in reply Brit Embs aide-mémoire made following points[:]

Conversation between Molotov and Sarper took place at latter’s request in friendly atmosphere and was exploratory[.] Consequently it would be premature to protest what amounts to a preliminary exchange of views
Dept not aware any formal demands presented by Russians in threatening atmosphere
Dept believes Brit protest in firm language might overemphasize June 7 conversation with result that unfortunate background might be created for prospective Straits talks at Big Three meeting
Dept does not desire at this time either to join Brit in protest or express interest Moscow
Dept makes clear that in any event it does not wish to appear to have reached a decision this question prior Big Three meeting[.]

4. Depts reply3 Brit aide-mémoire concludes with brief outline following para[:]

5. Replying FonMins request views USG (Embs 817 June 18 rpt Moscow as Ankara’s 404) you are authorized to inform FonMin that USG appreciates Turkish courtesy in informing it re MolotovSarper conversation and hopes Turk Govt will continue to keep it informed; that USG is pleased to note exploratory conversation took place in friendly atmosphere unclouded by threats; that USG hopes sincerely both parties will find it possible to conduct further conversations in similar circumstances with due respect each other’s points of view; and that USG is confident neither party will follow course incompatible with principles of International Security Organization which USG has pledged itself to uphold. If pressed for further comment you may indicate that on threshold Big Three meeting we feel overemphasis should not be placed on June 7 conversation[.]

Sent Ankara repeated London as Depts 5101 and to Moscow as Depts 1404[.]