740.00119 EW/7–745: Telegram

No. 428
The Representative on the Allied Commission on Reparations ( Pauley ) to the Secretary of State 1

2465. From Pauley for the Secretary.

Concerning Potter Hyndley report2 on coal situation I fully agree that immediate action should be taken to export from Germany all coal in excess of German needs and to secure early attainment of maximum production. (Reurtel 1500, July 3, 11 a.m.3)

However, I feel that those countries that do not pay for the coal received should be given definite notice that such coal deliveries may either be considered as part of reparations payments when final reparation plan is put into effect or considered exports for which payment in acceptable currencies will be required.

  1. Sent to the Acting Secretary of State over the signature of Harriman.
  2. See enclosure 2 to document No. 421.
  3. Document No. 424.