740.00119 EW/6–2345: Telegram

No. 303
The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant )

5517. Reports from AmReps Budapest Bucharest Sofia regarding Brit proposal for proceeding at once to conclusion of peace treaties with Hungary Rumania Bulgaria (Deptels 5008 June 211 and 5097 June 232) recommend that we pursue vigorously our efforts to secure application of Declaration on Liberated Europe3 and reorganization [Page 400] of ACC’s and they do not consider that such efforts are doomed in advance to failure. (Sent to London; repeated to Moscow for information.) They advise against concluding peace treaties with the present governments on the ground that it would mean (1) formal recognition of puppet governments and acceptance of Soviet domination of three countries (2) abandonment of attempt to arrive at agreed Allied policy on applying Yalta principles to ex-satellites, particularly in assuring free elections. They do not believe conclusion of peace would necessarily result in withdrawal of Russian troops, especially if real political authority remains in hands of Communists.

Dept is in agreement with these views.

You may accordingly tell FonOff that points set forth in Deptel 5097 represent this Govt’s considered position at this time and that at forthcoming highest-level discussions we intend to press strongly proposals for implementation of Yalta Declaration and reorganization of ACC’s in all three ex-satellites. We shall oppose proposals to establish diplomatic relations or conclude peace with present Govts there for reasons stated above and in our 5097.