740.00119 E. W./6–1145: Telegram

No. 291
The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

5097. Dept is requesting by telegram1 repeated to you views and recommendations from Missions Budapest Bucharest Sofia regarding British proposal for proceeding to conclusion of peace treaties with Hungary Rumania Bulgaria (urtels 5631 June 4 and 5898 June 112).

You may inform FO that pending receipt such views and recommendations our position is tentatively as follows:

We fully agree that it is desirable to conclude peace with these countries as soon as possible.
Since negotiation of peace treaties can not, particularly in view of complicated territorial settlements involved, reasonably be expected to be completed in brief period, we are unwilling meanwhile to abandon our proposals, already made for all these countries, for real participation in ACC’s and improved status for our representatives.
We are not wholly convinced that democratic principles and interests of peoples involved would, with particular reference to Rumania and Bulgaria, be best served by our conclusion of peace with present governments, even though that procedure might hasten withdrawal of Soviet troops.
We accordingly believe that we should, while having conclusion of peace treaties as our goal and not neglecting any opportunities to hasten that end, continue (a) to demand real participation in ACC’s and improved position for our representatives and (b) to press for application of Yalta principles in such important matters as constitution of governments and preparations for elections. (Sent to London; repeated to Moscow.)

We will give you definitive statement of our conclusions as formulated for presentation in forthcoming highest-level discussions with British and Russian[s] following receipt of views and recommendations requested from missions concerned.

  1. Document No. 290.
  2. Neither printed.