740.00119 EW/6–2145: Telegram

No. 290
The Acting Secretary of State to the Representative in Bulgaria (Barnes)1

181. Brit FonOff has proposed that US and Brit Govts “work for early conclusion of peace treaties” with Hungary, Bulgaria and Rumania rather than negotiate for improvement of status of our representatives in those countries. (Deptel 168 June 8 Urtel 311 June 112). Principal Brit arguments are: (a) Soviet Government is not likely to give fuller voice to US and Brit representatives on ACC’s and (b) conclusion of peace would entail withdrawal of Soviet troops and so free these countries from direct Soviet domination in determining their destinies. Sent to Sofia, Bucharest, Budapest; repeated to London and Moscow.

Please report urgently briefly your views and recommendations with particular reference to: (1) Brit thesis that advantages resulting from shortening armistice period by concluding peace would outweigh disadvantages of continuing meanwhile present basis of our participation in ACC and other activities and (2) ultimate effect which conclusion of peace with present government would have on problem of providing opportunity for people to determine the form of government under which they will live and on our fulfillment of Yalta undertakings, expressed in Declaration on Liberated Europe.

S[amuel] R[eber]
  1. The same message was sent at the same hour to the Acting Representative in Rumania (Melbourne) as telegram No. 310, and to the Representative in Hungary (Schoenfeld) as telegram No. 113. It was repeated to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) as telegram No. 5008.
  2. Neither printed.